Choosing The Right Eye Protection

No one really expects to sustain an eye injury in the home. Prevent Blindness National states that thousands of eye accidents occur every day, and that nine out of ten of these injuries could have been avoided if proper eye protection had been used. Although wearing safety goggles when drilling wood in the garage or while mixing up chemicals in a chemistry classroom are common sense, there are some other situations that warrant the use of eye safety glasses. Read More 

Sports Injury Clinic: Understanding the Basics of a Shoulder Arthroscopy

If you are experiencing pain in your rotator cuffs or any ligaments in your shoulders, getting a proper diagnosis from a sports injury clinic is fundamental to your recovery. Most of the time, when basic treatments, like physiotherapy and cortisone shots are not able to sufficiently heal the injury, many professionals would recommend getting a shoulder arthroscopy. If you are unfamiliar with the term and the concept, this article will help you understand just one of the few options available to you. Read More 

5 Things You Need To Know About Acantamoeba Keratitis

Acanthamoeba keratitis is a very serious eye infection. It affects the cornea (the clear lens that covers your pupil) and can have very serious effects on your vision. Here's what you need to know about this sight-threatening infection. What is acanthamoeba? Acanthamoeba is a particularly nasty parasite that is found in soil and fresh water. Acanthamoeba is dangerous because it's an expert at thwarting your body's immune response; it forms a cyst around itself to protect it from your white blood cells. Read More 

Can’t Hear Every Sound Around You? Ask A Specialist About Advanced Hearing Aids

If you're having difficulties hearing certain sounds, ask your hearing aid specialist about the newest hearing and sound devices on the market. One of the biggest issues you face from not wearing the right auditory aids is not hearing everything around you. You may turn up the volume on your hearing aids to compensate for the loss. In addition, the high volume on your hearing aids may create hissing and crackling sounds that damage your ears even further. Read More 

How Diabetes Affects Eye Health And What You Can Do About It

Instances of diabetes are rising rapidly in North America. By 2013, 1.9 million Canadians had diabetes, and those rates are just going up. Most people are aware how diabetes affects weight gain and increases the risk for heart disease, but did you also know that diabetes significantly increases your chances of vision loss and developing diseases in the eye?  Diabetic Retinopathy This is the most common eye problem that diabetic persons face. Read More