Construction Businesses Can Prevent Financial Loss With Physiotherapy

Working on a construction site can be rewarding for the right kind of professional. However, common injuries could complicate the financial success of a construction company. Therefore, construction company owners or managers need to understand the many benefits of high-quality physiotherapy treatments and how they treat and prevent common workplace injuries.

Injury Prevention Protects Businesses

The severity of many types of construction-related injuries can be very expensive for a company to pay to treat. And these types of injuries happen with alarming frequency. For example, OSHA reports that nearly 4.1 million workers are injured in the workplace every year. On a construction site, these injuries can range from hitting a hand with a hammer to severe electrocution.

And paying to treat these injuries is not cheap. For example, an article in EHS Today stated that something as simple as an injury to the hand could cost anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 to treat, including hospital costs, lost labor, and even workers' compensation claims. However, a relatively small investment in physiotherapy treatments may help minimize that excessive cost.

How Physiotherapy Helps

Physiotherapy (or physical therapy) helps to treat physical injuries by increasing a person's range of motion, strengthening their muscles and tendons, and providing them with a stronger overall body. Therefore, construction business owners should send their workers to these specialists after an injury to get them back into working shape as soon as possible.

Just as importantly, physiotherapy is a powerful way of preventing future injuries by minimizing the health problems that trigger them. Even construction workers who have yet to experience injuries can benefit in this way from physiotherapy. Therefore, construction managers may want to schedule treatment methods during the off-season for their many employees.

Physiotherapy Methods To Consider

Construction managers looking to prevent injuries with physiotherapy treatments can choose from many types of sub-specialties. For example, treatment methods for neurological, musculoskeletal, and even cardiovascular health problems are available from physiotherapists.

Each of these treatment methods is appropriate for construction workers, as musculoskeletal care can prevent broken bones while cardio plans manage stroke or heart attack risks. These issues are particularly problematic to construction workers because they can cut them down during the early stages of their career.

Typically, physiotherapists operate out of a hospital or even a private office. Their diverse range of treatment options will be implemented based on the needs of the construction team. An initial assessment is, therefore, a critical choice for those in this situation.