Consult Your Local Urgent Care Center For Recommendations To These After-Hours Services

One of the benefits of having a medical clinic like Affinity Medical Clinic in your community is that in addition to offering a wide variety of health services, its professionals can also refer you to other clinics. There are certain health issues that some urgent care centers can provide, but that others cannot. If you find yourself dealing with such an issue overnight or on a weekend and you can't get in to see the appropriate health provider quickly enough, you can simply contact your local urgent care center, explain your predicament, and someone will give you a number to call for help. Here are some after-hours services that your urgent care center can set you up with.

Dental Care

Breaking a tooth off on the weekend can make you feel alarmed, as you know that your dentist likely only operates Monday to Friday, and the ability to save the tooth depends on how quickly you act. Your best bet is to call or visit the local urgent care center and explain the predicament that you're in. If the urgent care center can take care of dental emergencies, you're in luck. Otherwise, someone will refer you to a different clinic that can take care of this emergency in the short term, and you can follow up with your own dentist at a later date.

Chiropractic Care

Those who hurt their backs or necks may not always be able to wait until their chiropractor's office opens the next day or following the weekend. Sometimes, a herniated disc generates such pain that you'll barely be able to move, and this means that you definitely want to get the issue dealt with quickly. Some urgent care centers can provide chiropractic adjustments, but those that cannot will happily help you by recommending a chiropractic professional who offers after-hours services.

Physical Therapy

If you're seeing a physical therapist for any type of issue, you can occasionally encounter pain or other complications for which you cannot wait until your next appointment. This can especially be a concern if you develop an issue early in the weekend and your local physical therapy clinic isn't open until Monday. Call your urgent care center for guidance. Ideally, the center will have physical therapists on staff who can quickly help you with whatever problem you're experiencing. Otherwise, the center may be able to set you up with a local physical therapist who takes after-hours patients.